Hiii!! I’m Zeni. I make art 😎
It’s all I do.
It’s everything I do.
It’s my life.

I am doing commissions!!

That means, people pay me to draw art for them. If you like what you see, consider commissioning me!

If you know me because of lexy,

Don’t tell her this, but I think she is really cool and you should totally follow her example because she does her chores and she gets good grades and she is very friendly and cool and cool and also very cool
So anyways yeah thank you Lexy ❤️


I didndt wanna leave this part blank so here have a cat :D

More about commissions

So clearly my style is anime. I have two sub styles; chibi and manga. You can choose one at no additional cost, but otherwise I’ll choose myself. If these are hard for you to read, shoot me a message in one of my socials all the way at the bottom of the page!!

How to contact me for commissions

Send me a direct/private message in one of my socials, preferably Twitter or on Discord!
My discord tag is ZeniRiri#2574.

Let me know that you want to commission me. Tell me what you want me to draw and which type you want it to be (full body, icon, line art, etc). If necessary, provide references or images. I will then tell you your price, and I will start drawing.

I want a half body base color drawn of that green haired chick from the Touhou project.
I want two custom Twitch emojis of a boy with a thumbs up and a boy crying (but funny because it’s for epic fail moments😎)

I will send one work in progress. That’s when you’ll have the choice of cancelling or not. When I’m finished, I will charge you before I send the art to you.

How prices are determined:
Full color, lineart only, and shading are all listed at their base price. Additional costs are full body and Half body. Icons are separate and only available in headshot. There is no additional cost for lineart, base color, or full color. The same goes for emojis if I’m drawing characters. I will only draw two icons maximum and five emojis maximum. Each emoji completed is $10.

Lineart halfbody= $18.
Full color fullbody= $40.
Two profile icons= $10
Three emojis= $30

How to pay; I will only accept payments through Cash App. I will send my cash app tag once the art is finished and you are ready to pay.

want to see more of my art?

Head down to the bottom of the page and click or tap on one of the social media icons! My art is in all of the websites (except for discord of course).
I’m also making a fanfiction so🥺

What I will and will not draw

i won’t draw:
-sexual content
-furries (some exceptions okay)
-caricature/satire/political cartoons
-anything relating to death and drugs

I love drawing:
-anime characters
-video game characters
-cute animals

Just about anything else